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#14 national magazine request--can't send SBO a note via Contact Us

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 I am working on an article for the next issue of NATE Magazine that covers the HVACR industry. The item will provide an update on minority-owned HVACR companies-contractors. I hope to mention Support Black-owned in this item. Are there any Black-owned HVAC contractors I should talk to? Are there any programs that aid minority-owned HVAC contractors I should mention? Are there any of these programs you recommend? Do you have any advice for folks on how to start an HVACR contracting business? How is the 2024 outlook for Black-owned businesses? Should Black-owned HVAC contractors use government contract set-aside programs? What are the key issues that Black-owned HVAC contractors and other Black-owned businesses face as we head into 2024? Hope to hear from you in a few days. Thank you. Our recent NATE Magazine-- https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/95a5fd6b#/95a5fd6b/1 Michael Keating Senior Editor-Web Content NATE Magazine PH 216-256-3002 michael.keating@informa.com