How to create an offer or sale item on SBO

It is very easy to create an offer or sale item on SBO.

How to create an account and add your business to SBO using FaceBook login

You can join SBO using your social media accounts. Right now you can use your FaceBook or Google Plus to create an account on Support Black Owned.

How to upgrade or edit your business listing

To upgrade or edit your business listing, you must first log into the members section of the website. Then click on the members menu and choose control panel.

How to access the SBO control panel

This video will show you how to access the SBO control panel to list or edit your business listing. The first thing you must do is log into the directory.

How to add your address automatically

This tutorial will show business owners the easy way to add your business listing to our directory. Under "Business Location" start typing your address into the first empty field. As you are typing different addresses will begin to populate. Keep typing until you see your address. Once you see your address, click on it and all the fields will automatically populate.