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Sea Moss Wellness

Our mission is to offer holistic and natural health, wellness, and beauty solutions. We believe in nourishing our bodies with whole foods rich in minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

Lanham, Maryland
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Cold Stinger Heating And Air Conditioning Phoenix Arizona

Local Phoenix Experts: We know the Phoenix climate inside and out, so we can recommend the perfect HVAC system for your home, maximizing efficiency and minimizing energy bills.

Phoenix, Arizona
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Nyka Consulting

Nyka Consulting is a full service business consulting firm. We specialize in QuickBooks set up for small , medium for profit businesses and grant consulting for not-for profits and religious…

Miami Gardens, Florida
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1. Ancient Therapies Wellness Spa & Colonic School

Spanaway, Washington
Ancient Therapies is a inspired wellness spa dedicated to providing the best in complementary therapies and treatments for all clients. This wellness center is about your physical health, mental health, emotional health & your spiritual health More Info

2. Lotus Sound Bath

Albuquerque, New Mexico
A Lotus Sound Bath is an instrumental experience utilizing quartz crystal singing bowls, gongs and cymbals in order to rebalance both mind and body. Sound vibration healing for relaxation, meditation, rebalancing of chakras and full body wellness. More Info

3. happy Thoughts

Maryland, Maryland
happy Thoughts creates high quality apparel that promotes happiness. Ethically sourced and hand crafted from scratch, our pure PIMA cotton is sure to create a wearble, shareable experience. More Info


4. Leylo Beauty

Oak Park, Illinois
Leylo Beauty is a black owned beauty and wellness shop that enhances your natural beauty and mental wellness! When you add our products to your daily routine, you’ll be taking the time to simulate your mind as well! More Info

5. Intentional Simplicity, LLC

Carnegie, Pennsylvania
Intentional Simplicity LLC, a wellness-based mental health private practice. The practice incorporates four key components of identity: wellness, psychology, mindfulness, and creative expression to help ‘creatives’ access their true potential. More Info

6. Behavioral Wellness and Arts

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Napa, California
Behaviora Wellness & Botanica Arts, Homoeopathic Treatment of Emotions, to support your mental health & well-being. We provide products, remedies supported by Science, Addiction Recovery at home, Personal Development resources, and Peer Guidance. More Info

7. Bird's Eye View

San Francisco, California
Bird's Eye View intends on promoting Black mental health and wellness by connecting the “Black experience” to self-discovery. The overall is to connect oneself to their highest state of being. More Info

8. Aurilia's Place: A Place Called Home LLC

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Aurilia's: A Place For Wellness LLC is a private practice that provides Mental Health Counseling both by telehealth and in person. To meet the needs of worthlessness, anger, traumas, anxiety, women's issues, or motivation to start new goals. More Info

9. House of Aja

Richmond, Virginia
House of Aja was developed during early 2020 to focus on the use of aromatherapy as a method to balance our wellbeing. Alternatively, we want our people to relearn the remedies our ancestors were once able to pass down through generations. More Info


Yes, I Am a Black Business

11. Witted Roots, LLC

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Queens, New York
Witted Roots is a mental health + emotional wellness platform for millennial women of color, rooted in themes of self-reflection and vulnerability. More Info

12. Soul Wellness, Social Support, & Therapeutic Services

Yes, I Am a Black Business
We're a full-service multi-cultural, multilingual, & multiethnic wellness collective of licensed professionals from medical to mental health, bridging the gap connecting BIPOC people to BIPOC Wellness Professionals. More Info