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Kinder Elements LLC

Kinder Elements is a black woman owned small business. All products are handmade with natural ingredients that are safe and beneficial to the skin.

Brooklyn, New York
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River Mountain Eye Care

Black woman owned optometry clinic in West Little Rock, Arkansas.

Little Rock, Arkansas
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Achieve Coaching and Consulting LLC

I provide coaching and consulting to help my clients shape career, business, and personal goals and develop a well-defined plan to achieve them. Then, I provide support and guidance…

Allentown, Pennsylvania
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61. Whisor Digital

Renton, Washington
Whisor, LLC is a freelance programmer and project manager focused on helping companies with Web Design & Development and Marketing. The goal is to guide your brand toward success by implementing proven techniques that will bring you more business. More Info

62. TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Develop Assets ▪ Audience ▪ Activation via emerging properties that drive brand advocacy, sales, and growth ROI for potential sponsors. More Info

63. Bay Area Black Market

Oakland, California
Bay Area Black Market is a California based company specializing in helping Entrepreneurs develop scalable businesses and Develop Business plans for VC or Loan funding. We are Black Entrepreneurs committed to the success of Black Entrepreneurs. More Info


64. NC2 Digital Marketing Consultants LLC

We are a boutique digital marketing agency. Our mission is, through online digital channels, creating integrated targeted marketing campaigns for small businesses and entrepreneurs with a goal of converting visitors to becoming lifelong customers. More Info

65. Smazzit SEO Training Institute

Charlotte, North Carolina
Smazzit’s mission is to enrich the lives of Aspiring Entrepreneurs and add value to their businesses. We are more interested in how you can learn the skills and adapt it towards the success of your business. More Info

66. Tunatawala LLC

Winchester, Kentucky
Tunatawala LLC offers a Learn and Earn Opportunity that teaches average people how to invest in real estate with no out of pocket expenses and it's totally free to join! More Info

67. Maryland Real Estate Specialist

Baltimore, Maryland
Maryland Real Estate Specialist at your DOOR! Let me help you make your Next Investment your BEST Investment: 443.650.TIFF(8433) Buy, Sell, Lease, Invest with Tiff More Info

68. Digitally Black

Los Angeles, California
Bridging the digital divide one day at a time. We empower businesses through digital marketing. More Info

69. Diamond Elite Magazine

Waco, Texas
Our magazine is for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to expand their exposure. More Info

70. Hous 11

Smyrna, Georgia

71. The NorthEnd Group, LLC

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Ann Arbor, Michigan
We provide an informed perspective on issues faced by the global business community with respect to marketing. Whether you are established or embarking on a start up mission we can tailor a detailed marketing strategy to suit your needs, helping you More Info

72. Market*TING

Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis based marketing and communications firm. We are your outsourced marketing resource. More Info

73. Couture Copywriting

Raleigh, North Carolina
We partner with Business Owners, Website Designers & Influencers to provide website content & social media services to amplify your brand! Our services alleviate content, communication and social media tasks so you can focus on your business. More Info

74. Zora Digital

Chicago, Illinois
Zora Digital is a digital marketing consulting firm. We’ve worked at and developed strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Today, we help healthy lifestyle brands navigate the digital landscape and create significant ROI at a great value. More Info

75. CourtDMS

Sacramento, California
Our websites are more than just a place for customers to go and find information; they're where they go to engage with your business. You have complete control over what visitors see, based on their physical location, what time of day it is, etc. More Info

76. Avenu PR

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Avenu PR is a boutique public relations and brand development agency that works with clients to deploy innovative perspectives with strategic communications to protect brand reputation and enhance brand awareness. More Info

77. The Yasha Sterling Management Agency

Chicago, Illinois
The Yasha Sterling Management Agency is a full-service agency that provides both traditional and digital marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses. We use our 10D3 approach to create strategies that will bring in long-term profitability. More Info

78. Imani Advantage

Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Imani Advantage is a Marketing Operations consultancy that empowers small biz growth through lead gen, nurturing, automation & Strategic consulting. Our customer-first approach simplifies marketing complexities. More Info

79. A-Town Promotions

Allentown, Pennsylvania
One size does not fit all when it comes to Street Teams and Walking Billboards. Street teaming has been a specialty of A-town Promotions for 20 years now! We are the 1st co in the state of Pennsylvania to purchase the Led Walking Backpack Billboards, More Info

80. Optimize Media Agency

New Brunswick